LG made another $1,800 Signature Edition smartphone based on the V35

LG is continuing its quest to corner the market on ultra high-end handsets with a new entry its Signature Edition series, via 9to5Google. Started last year with a modified version of the V30, Signature Edition phones are LG’s pricey ceramic devices that run in the ballpark of $1,800.

The second version, unveiled today, is basically an LG V35 in a ceramic body. (The V35, announced back in May for $900, is pretty much a G7 ThinQ in the body of a V30.) The back of the phone is made out of zirconium ceramic, a material LG says makes it nearly scratch-proof. Like the first model, this one will run you KRW 1,999,800 (about $1,790 USD at current exchange rates). There will only be 300 units made, and it goes on sale on August 13th.

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