View each individual Smash Bros. character do a Fortnite dance, limbs be damned

Epic Games’ Fortnite has evidently reworked the gaming industry, but a lot more importantly, it unleashed a extensive assortment of dance moves which have come to be cultural phenomenons by themselves. From the backpack kid’s floss dance throughout Katy Perry’s SNL overall performance, to Thanos who danced his way into Marvel film edits, each individual Fortnite dance is a distinctive treat that’s made all the a lot more enjoyable by the unforeseen spots they’ve turned up.

The most up-to-date case in point is in the sort of a Smash mod produced by YouTuber Master0fHyrule, who asks the query no 1 has dared to inquire: “WHAT IF Each and every Character Tries To Do THE FORTNITE DEFAULT DANCE in Smash Bros Wii U?”

We’ve noticed 3D versions rigged to customized animations prior to, but that…

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