RED’s holographic Hydrogen One cellphone receives even nearer to launch with FCC acceptance

RED’s forthcoming Hydrogen One smartphone however does not have a concrete launch day, but we’re presumably getting even nearer to start, given that the cellphone has cleared the FCC’s acceptance process this 7 days, through PhoneScoop.

In addition to confirming that the Hydrogen One is in fact a genuine machine that Pink will lawfully be authorized to sell in the United States, the FCC submitting confirms a handful of smaller aspects about the cellphone: it’ll have a four,510mAh battery, twin SIM slots, and guidance for all US LTE bands (besides T-Mobile’s Band 71).

The Hydrogen One was at first introduced over a year back when Pink provided preorders for both equally a $one,195 aluminum edition and a $one,595 titanium variant (though that preorder interval has extended shut), and Pink has however…

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