Colored E-Ink is now delivery, but it nonetheless has a extensive way before it hits e-readers

When E-Ink initial unveiled its Highly developed Shade ePaper (ACeP) in 2016, we have been optimistically hopeful for the prospects of comics, journals, and textbooks in color on our Kindles. That appears to nonetheless be a distant dream. The company declared nowadays that it’s just beginning to supply its ACeP items to shoppers for digital signage.

E-Ink has launched three color displays before ACeP: Spectra, Prism, and Triton. You may have observed them in retail settings on electronic shelf tag labels. But in contrast to Spectra, which has three pigments of electronic ink, or Triton, which displays 16 levels of grayscale and 4,096 shades, ACeP is a great deal much more vivid. ACeP displays 32,000 distinct shades with a resolution of 1600 x 2500 pixels and a hundred and fifty ppi. The…

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