Pokémon: Let us Go-themed Swap turns Eevee and Pikachu into Joy-Con

Nintendo is releasing a distinctive Pokémon: Let us Go-themed Swap for the games’ impending launch. The pokémon-stamped Swap includes Pikachu and Eevee-themed Joy-Con, a Poké Ball Additionally, and a dock featuring each mascots. Two unique variations of the bundle will be available, a single with Let us Go, Pikachu! and a single with Let us Go, Eevee!.

Nintendo hasn’t announced a price for the new Swap however, nevertheless a earlier discovered bundle with the Poké Ball Additionally and both match is $99.99. The distinctive edition Swap will be available when the match launches on November sixteenth. Offered Nintendo’s heritage with provide shortages, it appears not likely they’ll be available for lengthy.

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